Saturday, 8 May 2021

11.01 Patch Notes Full Review | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH

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25 thoughts on “11.01 Patch Notes Full Review | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH

  1. No no no no vash alot of people were participating in missions and getting nothing saying to go back to that is nonsense I did most of the work traps,build and defend and was getting nothing it's fine the way it is now afk people are getting kicked is what we all wanted no need to change anything else

  2. @TeamVash they probly turned the harshness down because it was to the point ppl would build around your teddy to actively prevent you from getting husk eliminations/damage. Competing to get damage is fine but when its to the point ppl are also trying to stop others its out of hand.

  3. If I'm playing a survivor mission, and 4 of us find 2 survivors each within 3 minutes, that puts us at 2 more survivors than we need to complete the mission requirement. We should all be able to afk and do nothing and still get rewards (appropriate for 2 bonus survivors) we beat the required portion of the mission, we should NOT he penalized for an optional portion of the mission

  4. Gotta love the new way Pub matches work. I spend time building the perfect tunnels while archeolojess's run around farming and doing encampments only to come over at the last second and spam duped gas traps on the spawns rendering my tunnels and time useless. ..

  5. I disagree on this one. I main Power Base Knox, and get straight to building the correct base for the mission, position and modifiers. By the time I have finished, gas is spammed all over the spawns ( which takes no skill, more to the game than just spamming gas ) and I get only around 3k combat max and ultimately less reward. Not to mention they go over build limit often, not a huge deal but I like to complete as much of the bonuses and badges as possible. ( From what I can tell it is based off combat, they should take building into consideration as well at the least. ) Many others also just sit in spawn, spam drones, teddy and shock towers. Just doesn't seem all that great to me.

  6. Respectfully disagree. In my own experience, it made people just spawn kill. People still built trap tunnels but they didn’t get used as people would just sit in spawns killing everything. Rendering tunnels and traps a useless waste of time/mats. I agree the increased participation was great but I don’t think forcing people to compete for kills at spawn was overall healthy for the game.

  7. I played my first public match in months today and first one we had someone AFK in the new quest. They ended up booted after a few minutes though. Seems to be working ok.

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