Thursday, 22 Apr 2021
Month: July 2019

Kyogre Raid Guide & Infographic 5-29-19

Kyogre is back so make sure you use your best counters to take him down with this Pokebattler raid guide and infographic video by celeb Pokemon Go player KiengIV. Check out KiengIV’s youtube at And of course check out the world’s most popular Pokemon Go raid tool at To see how to power up your […]

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Asphalt 8 Multiplayer: MAX PRO DS Survolt!

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer: MAX PRO DS Survolt! My first Asphalt 8 video! If you enjoy the races be sure to subscribe for more, really helps keep me motivated! A little bit about me: I am new to the Asphalt 8 scene on Youtube but I plan on making many more of these types of videos. […]

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