Friday, 23 Apr 2021
Month: October 2019


EVERYBODY was talking about it. EVERYBODY had pre-orders for it. But never arrived. Does The Pokemon GO Plus Device actually exist? I also talk about the New Pokemon EX replacement Pokemon GX Cards for the Pokemon TCG. Finally I also review the new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

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The UPDATE We All Want To See! Fortnite Chapter 2

24/7 PRO Fortnite Coaching & Daily Updates here: Watch BenjyFishy AND Mongraal’s Master Arena Courses: Don’t forget to sub to our channel: Creator Code : ProGuides Concepts: fortnite tips and tricks, best fortnite settings, fortnite battle royale, best high ground retakes, fortnite funny moments, best settings for pc, best settings for console, how to get […]

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