Sunday, 7 Mar 2021

Asphalt 8: McLaren X2 Championship (Tokyo, Formula 1) – Ultimate Grand Finale (2:27:293)

Asphalt 8 special event: 2018 McLaren X2 Championship. As part of the all-new 3.7.0, Gameloft have added the McLaren X2, a futuristic Formula 1 concept, the descendant of the McLaren MP4-X which features a RENAULT V6 Hybrid Engine. To win the McLaren X2 (S-Class), you must to win the 8 Grand Finales of this Championship before the end of the allotted time limited to 10 days.

Here, with the McLaren X2 fully upgraded at rank 1816 (PRO 10-10-10-10), I have done an excellent performance, in…

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