Friday, 22 Jan 2021

asphalt 8 R&D bmw homage how to win/complete test 011 2019 #jacintaveigas #asphalt8attacker

Here are the tips and tricks to win this R&D.

1. Only spend tokens if you fail a hard goal that you really can’t complete.
2. Only spend tokens on keys in Lab 4.
3. Don’t be impatient to win this R&D.
4. Use the free upgrades wisely, if you can, get free D,C,B,A S -Class upgrades from collections because (Mastery has changed for new players) this car has token upgrades (4 I believe)
5. The engine amount increased in update 31, so try to find atleast 10 I6 Engines to start off with
6. You…

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