Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Celebs Are Obsessed With Pokemon Go Too!

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Chrissy Teigen, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, these are just a few celebs who’ve fallen deep into the Pokemon abyss, but hey, can you blame them? Pikachu is literally too cute to resist.
Pokemon Go was just released not too long ago in a few countries and the obsession is already too real. Those who have access to the app are already spending more time outside, but some people, like Joe Jonas for example, have already expressed their…

43 thoughts on “Celebs Are Obsessed With Pokemon Go Too!

  1. Luckily the hype is long over by now. I absolutely despised it. I was being bullied as a kid for playing Pokémon. And during that hype suddenly everyone was a huge Pokémon fan. And now that it's over guess what? I AM BEING LAUGHED AT FOR PLAYING POKEMON! (not the stupid app I never touched that rubbish)

  2. My only concern about this game is that you cannot find local trainers to have pokemon battles with. Only way is to go to the nearest gym… and what's the deal about not being able to use your pokemon to fight encounters/wild? ?

  3. When people a month ago were like "You still like pokemon? You need to grow up", but they are now going crazy over this game and you are just observing everyone playing the game cause your dumb ass phone decided to stop working a week before the release

  4. look at every one play Pokemon Go now and before they would say nerd or ur a kid? some of my friends didnt even wanna play pokemon but now they're addicted

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