Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021

Fortnite Item Shop SOCCER SKINS ARE BACK! [April 8th, 2019] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Item Shop for April 8th, 2019 or 4/8/19. Let’s see what’s in the shop today! The soccer skins are all back! The Super Striker, the Midfield Maestro, the Aerial Threat, the Stalwart Sweeper, the Clinical Crosser, the Dynamic Dribbler, the Poised Playmaker, and the Finesse Finisher. We also have the Elite Cleat harvesting tool, the Vuvuzela harvesting tool, and the Goalbound glider! Daily Items include the Viceroy Mark I glider, the Ice Pop harvesting tool, the Munitions Major skin,…

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