Tuesday, 11 May 2021

GTX 1050 vs PUBG 1.0 Update – Constant 60 fps?

PUBG released its new 1.0 update and has seen great performance increases. So I decided to take my GTX 1050 and test it up against PUBG on multiple settings and maps to see if the budget-friendly card has better performance than before

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CPU – I7 5820k @ 4.2 GHz
RAM – Crucial Ballistics 8×2 16GB DDR4
Motherboard – ASUS X99 USB 3.1
PSU – Corsair cx750…

37 thoughts on “GTX 1050 vs PUBG 1.0 Update – Constant 60 fps?

  1. Note that this system has got a bottleneck so : the fps are less that they should be just because the cpu is just like "idle". If you pair ryzen 3 1200 with gtx 1050 at low settings and ultra view distance you will get 60fs + only . (Exept when you are in the plain that you will have 40fps)

  2. hey man! these vids are of really great help to me! i got a question, would 960 2gb perform better than the 1050 in pubg? thanks man! keep up the great work!

  3. asus expedition 1050 ti costs around 220-230$ at my country
    and leadtek 1060 3gb costs 250$ straight
    so the question is
    is leadtek an reliable brand? cause the other 1060 3gb costs 300+$ and I cant afford that

  4. PubG

    Also I only get play pubG because fortnite banned me for no reason. Is it because I had msi afterburner open, who knows. I really wanna play fortnite but rip I can’t.

  5. #PUBG I was thinking of getting PUBG for xbox, but it's still in its development stages, so I'll wait for some optimisation updates, then I might consider getting it. For now, I like fortnite due to its simplicity to play and how it runs very smoothly.

  6. You should have tried to put a FPS cap to 60 to avoid stuttering. There was quite a bit of stutter on the medium-low benchmark. But I think that the test bench can unleash all the power the GTX 1050 has to offer. Even the 1050TI struggles to do 60 FPS constant, but at Medium it's fine.High might be pushing it a little bit.

  7. Also on Craigslist in my area, someone is selling an optiplex with 8gb RAM, 1tb HDD, and a pw tium for 45 dollars. I already have an i7-860 and an AMD radeon HD 7770. Should I buy it?

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