Tuesday, 11 May 2021

How to easily go to *SPACE* in Fortnite! (Season 8 Glitch)

How to easily *BYPASS* the Sky Barrier! (Season 8 Glitch)

This is an updated method on how to bypass the sky barrier. Subscribe if you’re new!

Creator Code: Retali8

Founder: Retali8 (me)


44 thoughts on “How to easily go to *SPACE* in Fortnite! (Season 8 Glitch)

  1. I’ve found a glitch, it’s another main island glitch. So this is how u do it go to an island and put anything That u can enter/drive half in the boarder and half out the boarder u should be attached to the vehicle now respawn it might take u a couple tries to respawn with the phone if u hav it u have done it correctly now fly to the main island but u loose the phone but that is all u lose, u can also go to spawn island with this glitch if there is a boarder to spawn island put phase mode on

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