Sunday, 11 Apr 2021

How to win asphalt 8 maserati alfieri & best tuning for r&d lab 1 test 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Guys my current tuning is in the end of this video.

Ok guys the best way to win this car is here below:
Best tuning recommendations by experts are:
Max 5555 Pro 0050

Note: This car has very bad drifthandling problem mainly in curvy routes.

1: Use all boosters.
2: Upgrade your car accordingly.
3: Try not to drift to much.
4: Use micro drifting techniques.
5: Focus on your main goals.
6: Avoid unnecessary barrelling & flatspins
7: Play ads to get 3 free tires.
8: Don’t miss any main…

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