Thursday, 13 May 2021

How To Win Your 1st Solo In Fortnite Chapter 2!

Fortnite Chapter 2 How To Win Your 1st SOLO! Battle Royale tips and tricks to WIN more games.

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46 thoughts on “How To Win Your 1st Solo In Fortnite Chapter 2!

  1. Are you enjoying the new season? Personally, loving the mix-up from the old map but the sweat meta is still here. If you wouldn't mind dropping a like, we'll love you forever (or at least until our next video).

  2. With your first game there only bots so you could clap them easily and get the win but when your in a regular game half of the lobby is bots and the other half is most likely is going to be somebody better then you since it judges by your stats so if you have no wins (like me) it will put you with a player which has gotten in to 2nd or 3rd so if your in the endgame you will have to follow these tips but you have to get aggressive as possible because if there still bots their AI is upgraded to fit what a final circle will look like so if your only with bots and it’s in the endgame then you have to aggressive and not get cocky just because there bots Btw if you wanna help me get a win I’m on Nintendo switch and my epic is Mariostarnoob56
    I just need a win ?

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