Sunday, 16 May 2021

Is Fortnite Over? – Hot Take

Fortnite is a black hole on the internet! What does this mean and is it coming back?
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This video is a personal opinion and is not a news report.

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40 thoughts on “Is Fortnite Over? – Hot Take

  1. I HATE Fortnite. And not just because I have never been a fan of Battle Royale or pvp. I work in retail. Do you have any idea how many times I have had to tell people FORNITE IS FREE!?!? Dear God. Or the idiot who buys the Switch Fortnite edition and wants to know where is his copy of the game then demands a replacement free game because he expected a game in the box. Or the number of people who have come in specifically to buy a console JUST TO PLAY FORTNITE!?!

  2. I don't get it either and I play huge amounts of Destiny and Destiny 2. I have spent maybe $60 over three years in both games on both consoles but not for the cosmetics. To thank Bungie for a particularly good free event. Or recently with their separation from Activision. But if you were to look at my Guardians in the games nothing matches. I don't have ornaments. I refuse to equip any cloak but the Memory of Cayde cloak. Every emote, shader, ghost shell, etc I earned in game. If I have the money I rather buy content or real clothes and stuff.

  3. I don’t see the issue of paying for extra content like level packs and extra characters. I thought street Fighter upgrades back in the day to be excessive. Having to buy another full cartridge price, just to play as the bosses? Than another full cartridge price for 4 extra characters? I rather just pay $5-10 for that and download it. You have to pay the artists and coders for that work. I don’t like the IAP that lock you down on one of those forever loops. Or now the subscription services.

  4. Love how comments claim the game to be toxic
    yet the only toxic cloud that can be spotted from the sidelines its them talking shit about the game whenever anyone uploads anything related to the black hole

  5. I've never been a Fortnite fan, and this changes zero for me because I think Epic games with the way they have treated Linux users, it's become a toxic waste of a company.
    Also if anyone wants to counter me, and say something about Valve, no they are not perfect, but at least they support the Linux, and the open source community, plus they also stand up, and call out BS companies like Conical who makes Ubuntu, when they make boneheaded moves like no longer supporting many 32bit Libs, and causing Conical to have to backtrack, and Cover their A$$es.

  6. I don't play Fortnite, but my kids do. While I'm half tempted to boot it up just to see this black hole, and I'm theorising ways it might be some sort of puzzle.. I just couldn't be bothered.

  7. Shane is my hero man. I don't even have much to add I just totally agree with what he said. As much as I love breath of the wild and thw mastermode dlc, the dlc for that game is crazy overpriced.

  8. We played it solid for about six seasons…

    Fortnite lost its momentum. It’s because they changed the reward system that worked so well. The introduction of fortbytes in season 9 and a radical shift in the challenge system drove people away in our opinion. The game frequently breaks itself to do something ridiculous in game…. it’s seems more like a slot machine than an actual shooter.

    We’re interested in seeing where it goes from here. But, fortnite has been trying their best to kill fortnite themselves. This was no surprise. And the map getting obliterated is a good End to these past ten seasons. Because a change would be nice… it’s all about where they go from here

  9. Despite me hating epics practices. I will say this was a ingenious marketing strategy specially since they're taking this downtime to update this game within a narrative

  10. It's not gonna make me play fortnight. I thing that the whole "games as a service" thing will hurt gaming industry. Before this model, you played game, maybe couple of times. You finished it. That's it, maybe you came back to in later if you really like it. You were looking for something new. Now everything has to be multiplayer, or connected to internet and you have to play it non stop. This makes people buy less games. You can't play multiple of lifestyle games. You are not looking for new games. Everything becomes more closed. I feel that in the long run this will be bad for the industry.

  11. Obviously Fortnite will be back before the end of the year, but it will be interesting how it develops when the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett release. Does it stay 8th gen exclusive, does it become 9th gen exclusive, will both versions be the exact same or will there be two potentially hugely different versions?

  12. I could play fortnite, but I told myself several years ago now that I won't get caught playing a free to play multiplayer again. Spent to much money and time on the last couple games with similar free to pay models. I would much rather play a game with a beginning, middle and a ending, than play something with no ending which has no promise or premise and is only offering to take me for a ride to where and what I have no idea.

  13. Its a interesting idea, but I prefer to buy into something which I know is quality. Not something I have no idea about and I definitely don't want to just be taken for a ride. I'm not that bored.

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