Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Pokemon Go Halloween Hunt Live

7 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Halloween Hunt Live

  1. Spending 1000 coins, on an item you'll never use, for an April fools joke disgusts me as a f2p-player. That's 20 days worth of coins at the bare minimum! I really have to avoid to spend coins on ANYTHING to EVER get that far! 50 coins max per day is NOT enough! I can't say this often enough, but of course, Niantic will probably not raise the daily amount.

  2. Yesterday I got a shiny yamask and a shiny ghastly. And the day before I got shiny shuppet and hatched a shiny igglybuff. I love this event ? And also a shiny zubat and a sneasel a week ago. I can't believe it. Especially the zubat ?

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