Thursday, 13 May 2021

Pokemon Go, Starbucks launch Gym, Pokestop partnership (CNET News)

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Pokemon Go fanatics can now visit Starbucks locations to get their fix of caffeine and pocket monsters.

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25 thoughts on “Pokemon Go, Starbucks launch Gym, Pokestop partnership (CNET News)

  1. So it's CNET UPDATE without the CNET UPDATE branding? What kind of fuckery is going at CNET? First they take away the ~5 min segment and give us Fifty 3 min clips; now they give us 1 random <2 mins clips……… Also, who is still playing PokemonGo?

  2. While I see it may work for Starbucks as the mindless herd all go there for their caffeine and sugary 'coffee' drinks fix. Sprint, not so much. People aren't going to change carrier and the fact is you don't have to be in the store just near the store.

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