Tuesday, 11 May 2021

PUBG GTX 1070 Ti vs. GTX 1080 | 1440p

PUBG Gameplay Benchmark. GeForce GTX 1070 Ti vs. GTX 1080.
Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K Hexa Core, 12 Threads (Stock)
Graphics settings: 0:02 | Resolution: 2560×1440 | Grab game here:

Benchmark rig specs…
● CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K, Hexa Core, 12 Threads / Coffee Lake
● Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H55
● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING 8G
● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING 8G
● Motherboard: MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON

36 thoughts on “PUBG GTX 1070 Ti vs. GTX 1080 | 1440p

  1. The difference will be in games where you want 60FPS at 4K and or very demanding games at 3440X1440p Ultra-Wide (21:9 aspect ratio). If the 1080 is at 60FPS the 1070Ti is at around 50FPS which is obviously not ideal. Personally I'd just spend the extra $50 for the GTX 1080 so that I never ran into that scenario. The GTX 1080 will run most games at 4K/60FPS just not at MAX settings. Games don't have to be ran at "Ultra" settings to look and play well but unfortunately many have been brainwashed into the absurd "Ultra or nothing" mentality.

  2. I have a (peasant) 1050 right now and I just ordered a 1070ti —–> are you f**king kidding me PUBG….. those horrible cracked out horizontal lines like power cables, fences, etc from a distance, still show up on TOP TIER gaming cards?!?!!?!! optimize the god damn game better FFS

  3. I had a 1080 aero which ran insanely hot so I returned for a GTX 1070 ti EVGA SC for $20 cheaper. Ik 1080 is better but for better customer service, better cooling and all. I think the card will do better. I have more headroom to OC without thermal issues. As for the difference with 1080. I have seen 1070 ti oc vs 1080 OC and it seems like 1080 doesn't quite OC well compared with 1070 ti oc. I mean like in games they are very close. I couldn't handle that jet engine noise and heat of 1080 in blower style tho aha. And custom 1080s are like $50-100 more than 1070 ti that I got.

  4. wolfgang …. sadly the mining phase destroyed all my plans for a new 8700k PC a GTX 1070 cost more than 1000 EUR and thats just insane .
    If this keeps going on developers will drop PC support 100% i already asked 2 devs from Ubi and Criterion

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