Friday, 7 May 2021

T5 EX raid Mewtwo duo in sunny

Pokemon go EX raid Mewtwo (confusion/flamethrower) duo in sunny with Giratina with LegacyZelaya

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Music by TheFatRat, Slaydit & Anjulie – Stronger

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22 thoughts on “T5 EX raid Mewtwo duo in sunny

  1. And we are back to get there, get it done and move the F on. Tired of all the newer people that won't listen when we try and help. And I am now "If I don't know you, your on you own" The so and so is going to get here in 20 mins can we wait? Nope These raids happen at the worst time for me. I ain't got the time to stay and help. If the raid starts at 1300. Show up at 1300 I am all in to help. Missed more ex raids than I can do based on hours I work. If I can make one I am there on time and get it done. I can not be I don't worry about it.

  2. You guys inspired me to attempt a trio (I still don't have the guts and balls to attempt a duo yet), we did it with 53 seconds to spare.
    Bonus: My Mewtwo popped as a 2360 (13/13/15 91%).

    Wish I could someday raid with you guys (and have a ton of fun).
    Will give you and Zelaya a shoutout in my EX raid upload. 🙂

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