Sunday, 16 May 2021

Taking 1st again at my Sinister Tournament Pokemon GO | MAWILE ALL DAY

Hope this video helps you
Getting 1st two tournaments in a row

Tournament results

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32 thoughts on “Taking 1st again at my Sinister Tournament Pokemon GO | MAWILE ALL DAY

  1. PokeAk what's the music on the last battle I could do with that music when I go on my gym massacre I normal blast mortal combat !!! Another PVP title undisputed champion

  2. I love to watch your PVP video. Your explaination of what you think during the battle is really helpful. And I do hope could see you introduce more about how to pick pokemons for PVP also their charge moves. Thank you!

  3. Congrats man!!
    Sinister has been a really good cup for me
    Went to 5 tournaments, won 3 (including a 26-man one) and came in 2nd for the other 2
    When's the Ferocious content gonna come?

  4. I played Pro HoTS when the scene was still active about a year ago. As I saw your photo, and noticed the change as the 'winnings pool,' I just about lost it. Probably the best joke I've seen in a photo in a long time. Thanks for helping make me a better PvP'er in the PoGo scene. There's so much still to learn!

  5. My area's tournament hasn't even been announced and it's got me nervous that it won't happen as it was going to be my very first tournament. Was thinking of going with poliwrath (bubble, ice punch, and power-up punch), alolan marokwak, steelix, and mawhile (if I can actually get that Lucky trade I've been trying to coordinate). As far as the last two slots go I'm trying to decide between chimecho, grumpig, drifblim, medicham (counter, power-up punch, and ice punch), bronzong, girafirig, or lucario (with power-up punch and shadow ball). Don't have a ton of tms or else I would get dynamic punch on poliwrath or pyschic on medicham.

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