Thursday, 13 May 2021

Xbox One Modded Controller for FORTNITE – Fast Build, Weapon Hotkeys, and Remapping

Fast Build: 0:17
Weapon Hotkeys: 1:10
Paddle Remapping: 2:11
Create your Controller:

Simply build instantly by using the Evil Shift in Fortnite. Building is complicated because of all the inputs on the controller, but the Evil Shift will simplify gameplay making Fortnite more enjoyable, which means more wins.

The controller also includes Weapon Hotkeys which bind 2 paddles to your favorite weapons. Switching between and shotgun and rifle…

25 thoughts on “Xbox One Modded Controller for FORTNITE – Fast Build, Weapon Hotkeys, and Remapping

  1. There are better purchases nowadays, maybe this was a game-changer back then but now it isn't so much. People play like this with a standard DualShock 4. This is basically overpricing paddles now because most of these features are useless since they're already implemented into the game like building fast which everyone can do already with the introduction of turbo building and customizable keybinds.

  2. I have owned one of these controllers for almost a year now and am blown away by great usability and quality but am wondering is there any way that I could use bionic quikshot triggerstops without affecting the paddles or functionality of the controller.

    (If you dont know what that is then there are alot of videos that explain and demonstrate the process of putting them on)

  3. Hey evil Controllers I absolutely love your epic products but the prices really eliminated me!!!!!If you can find me a fortnite custom controller for 250$ or lower that would be perfect ?.

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